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Art Fairs  and  Exhibitions

Artful Lens Collective Exhibition and Art Fair Experience

All the artists in our Collective regularly participate in leading art fairs around the UK, curating and selling limited edition fine art photography.  These include Manchester Art FairThe Other Art Fair in London, the New Artist Fair in London, Roy's Art Fair in London, Art Fair East in Norwich and Contemporary Art Fairs in Windsor and Sandown. Our artists are experienced at curating their artworks and in presenting their work in a professional, gallery-like manner.


Artists in the Artful Lens Collective have artwork held in private collections both in the UK and overseas. Our artists have artwork on exhibition in London, around the UK and Paris.


A number of fairs and exhibitions are planned for 2023 both individually and as a collective.

Artful Lens Collective will be participating in the Manchester Art Fair 2023  (17 to 19 November 2023 - Stand 514).

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